School of thought on strategic management (I)

Strategy as Design: “…This takes the view that strategy development can be a logical process in which the forces and constraints on the organization are weighed carefully through analytical and evaluative techniques to establish clear strategic direction…”

Strategy as Experience: “…here, the view is that future strategies of organizations are heavily influenced by the experience of managers and others in the organization based on their previous strategies…”

Strategy as Ideas: “…Neither of the above lenses is especially helpful in explaining innovation. Design approaches risk being too rigid and top-down; Experience builds too much on the past. How then do new ideas come about? The Ideas lens emphasizes the importance of promoting diversity in and around organizations…”

Strategy as Discourse: “…This lens sees strategy in terms of language. Managers spend most of their time communicating. Therefore commands of strategy language become a resource for managers by which to shape “objective” strategy analyses to their personal views and to gain influence, power and legitimacy…”

Johnson, Scholes & Whittington (2008)


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