Barriers in communication

Muddled messages – the sender let the receiver unclear about the intend of the sender
Stereotyping – causes people to act as if they already know the message that is coming from the sender or worse, as if no message is necessary because everybody already knows.
Wrong chanel – oral, written, video comunication used when another would be necessary
Language – each new employee needs to be taught the language of the company
Poor listening skills – not being prepared to listen
Interuptions – cause by something more pressing, rudeness, a drop-in visitor, an emergency
Physical distractions – different kind of noises

Article: Overcoming barriers to comunication by B.L. Erven from Ohio University

Verbal Communication Barriers
Attacking (interrogating, criticizing, blaming, shaming).
“You Messages” (moralizing, preaching, advising, diagnosing).
Showing Power (ordering, threatening, commanding, directing).
Other Verbal Barriers: shouting, name calling, refusing to speak.

Nonverbal Communication Barriers
Flashing or rolling eyes.
Quick or slow movements.
Arms crossed, legs crossed.
Gestures made with exasperation.
Poor personal care.
Staring at people or avoiding eye contact.


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