Inter-communication vs. Intra-communication

Inter-communication takes place “outside” – in other words, it is in the open domain and may be considered in the three ways below:
– Inter-personal communication involves the exchange of message/information/dataacross communication channel from one person to another or one group to another.
– Inter-organizational communication describes communication between separate organizations – for example, a negotiation for a long-term business agreement such as a supplier and development chain or network.
– Internet communication uses a computer-based system that is open to the users – eg World-Wide-Web. Individuals and companies are able to buy, sell, advertise, investigate – in fact, conduct all manner of communication processes – in a way that might be person-to-person, person-to company, or company-to-company.

Intra-communication takes place “inside” the individual/body/group/network/organization and may be considered in the three ways below:
– Intra-personal communication takes place “inside” the person; the process of intra-personal communication involves the transmission of data/information/feelings between the various senses or pathways.
– Intra-organizational communication classifies communication that is internal within the organization: it describes the use of company magazines or newsletters which are used as the communication channel.
– Intranet communication is a form of communication channel using computer-based technology harnessed by the organization to allow internal communication to take place – eg an internal email network.

Managing for Results by Gillian Watson & Kevin Gallagher


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