Managers’ competencies in a multicultural environment


The following skills have been identified as being associated with effective transferring of knowledge in a multicultural environment:

Respect – the ability to express respect for others is an important part of effective relations in every country

Tolerating Ambiguity – this refers to the ability to react to new, different, and at times, unpredictable situations with little visible discomfort or irritation.

Relating to People – transferring skills and knowledge to persons in another culture requires getting the job done, but in such a way that people feel like they are part of the completed project and have benefited from being involved.

Being Nonjudgmental – the ability to withhold judgment and remain objective until one has enough information requires an understanding of the other’s point of view and is an important skill.

Personalizing One’s Observation – a manager should realize that his or her knowledge and perceptions are valid only for him or herself and not for the rest of the world.

Empathy – this is the ability to “put yourself in another’s shoes”

Persistence – the multinational manager may not be successful at getting things done immediately but with patience and perseverance the task can be accomplished.

Managing Cultural Differences by Philip R. Harris, Robert T. Moran, Sarah V. Moran


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