The history of coffee and tea

-earliest reference from the Arabian bunn or bunchum (first planting and cultivation took place in Arabia)
-coffee tree originated in the province of Kaffa, Ethiopia around 500 A.D. where used to grow wild and Ethiopians brought seeds to Arabia during their occupation of Yemen in the early 6th century
-the Arabs monopolized coffee beans and prohibited their exportation by striping the outer layer of the coffee beans for about 300 years
-1453 the Ottoman Turks introduced coffee to Constantinopole, the capital of the Empire
-1475 Kiva Han, the world’s first coffee shop and in the same year the Ottoman Empire enacted the law to make legal for a woman to divorce her husband if he did not provide her with a daily quota of coffee
-1600 coffee is introduced to the West by Italian traders
-1607 Captain John Smith helps introduce coffee to North America
-1645 the first coffeehouse opens in Italy
-1668 New York City abandons beer as its official morning drink, replacing it instead with coffee
-1672 Paris opens its first coffeehouse
-1690 The Dutch become the first to transport and cultivate coffee commercially
-1727 the Brazilian industry gets its start when Lieutenant Colonel Francisco de Melo Palheta is sent by the Portuguese government to arbitrate a border dispute between the French and the Dutch
-according to The Boston Tea Party, drinking coffee becomes a patriotic duty
-1901 the first soluble “instant” coffee is invented by a Japanese – American chemist
-1920 coffee sales boom when Prohibition goes into effect in U.S.A.
-1946 in Italy, the espresso machine is perfected and cappuccino is named after its color’s resemblance to the robes of the monks of the Capuchin order.

The Coffee Culture

-appeared first in China under the emperor Shen Nung (2737 – 2697 B.C.)
-around 1600 the English tried to established trade with China but they were rejected repeatedly
-1610 Dutch traders brought Chinese tea to Europe from Macao and they also brought green tea from Japan
-after it was considered a medicinal elixir, in 1635 a German called Simon Paulli came to say that the tea is a drink which hasten the death of the consumers and he was opposing by the Dutch physician Nikolas Dirx in 1641 tea finally reached England in 1658 and it was first served and sold publicly at Thomas Garway’s coffeehouse in London’s Exchange Alley.
-1730 Chinese green tea and blended teas are sold at auctions
-1773 a boat with tea sails to Boston but the colonists refuse to allow the tea, symbol of British oppression, to be unloaded and several colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians secretly board the ship at night to unload the 342 chests of green tea into the water
-1904 American iced tea is invented at the St Louis World’s Fair
-1908 the tea bag is born as an accident, the tea importer Thomas Sullivan, in order to reduce expenses of sending tea in tins to his customers decides to send them samples in silk bags as gifts but the customer, not knowing what to do with them, place them in their teapots, adding hot water.
-1953 Tetley Tea Company introduces the paper tea bag to the mass British market.

The Tea Book by D.L. Campbell


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