Temporary, Part-Time, Full-Time Staff – Pro’s & Con’s

Temporary staff

– Saving money because you don’t have to provide benefits and they are paid only for the hours worked
– Helps in making better hiring decisions because gives the opportunity to assess how well the new employee fits the work environment, gets along with others or handles work responsibilities
– Helps in case of work overload (mostly during the holyday)
– Special projects

– They don’t have interest in the business so, confidential information is at risk
– Time and money invested in training may be required

Magazine: Black Enterprise; art. Managing temporary employees by Deidra-Ann Parrish


– Being an efficient way to keep costs down in areas where you don’t yet need full-time cover
– Increasing recruitment and retention of staff by offering family-friendly working practices
– Being able to show potential clients and customers that you value having a diverse workforce and ethical employment practices
– Allowing you to bring in highly skilled and experienced staff members even when you have a fixed budget and can’t afford to bring someone in on a full-time basis
– Expanding the pool of potential recruits – part-time work tends to attract parents with younger children and older people, who may not want to work full time but can bring a wealth of skills, experience and expertise
– Increasing the ability of your business to respond to change and peaks of demands – for example, you can use more workers at peak times and extend your operating hours by using part-time workers in the evening or at weekends
– Helping to reduce the workloads of other workers, eg when you don’t have enough work for a new full-time position but are regularly using overtime to meet demands – this can reduce your overtime costs and help prevent the negative effects of stress and fatigue.

– Problems fitting in
– Business consistency problems (need to waste time to catch up with the previous day)
– Confused loyalty(mostly carrying 2-3 jobs they may be not so enthusiastic)


Full timers

– More control over the employee’s time and to get increased employee loyalty
– In the eventuality you want to sell the business, a potential buyer is a full time employee

– Full-time employees receive benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation increasing the payroll taxes.



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