Front Office trainings

Hotel employees generally and Front Office particularly have the challenging task of showing technical proficiency with some of the most advanced hospitality and reservation software, while at the same time mastering good guest service skills (Sanders, 2011).“The hotel customer sees the front desk as the hub and nerve center of the hotel experience and with this perception are high service expectations. Arriving guests expect to encounter the best and the brightest of the employees at check in” (Nozar, 1998). Receiving trainings creates for employees the perception of empowering and at the same time of self-efficiency (Namasivayam & Zhao, 2009). Moreover like in a chain reaction, enhancing qualitative training programs increases enormous the employee satisfaction (Choi & Dickson, 2010).

Some of the features to be trained in front office are: flexibility, tolerance and amiability, qualities which cannot be substitute by technology when welcoming a guest (Baum & Devine, 2007). Diverse authors list a whole range of characteristics that a front desk employee should have and implicitly to train. The most important are being considered providing information to the guests, great language skills, friendly smile and attitude, making eye contact with the guest, using guest’s name, providing assistance (Di Giulio, 2009). In order to have a solid training program, one important element is the input of the employees. Being involved most closely into the service delivery process, front line employees can provide valuable information for adjusting the trainings. For this purpose can be used different employee centered information like: surveys, employee suggestion, evaluations or exit interview questionnaires addressed to departing employees. These sources proved to be critical in improving the existing trainings and in identifying new training needs (Choi & Dickson, 2010).



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